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Pelvic pain is often a misunderstood pain, pain condition or phenomenon that refers cyclical and noncyclical symptoms alike in the abdominal, pelvic, hip and perineum. Pelvic pain affects women and men alike whose origins may be unknown, or due to local trauma.

Structures ranging from the spine, hip and local pelvic anatomy are to be considered when evaluating the patient suffering. Not all patients suffering with pelvic pain require an internal evaluation of the pelvic musculature, neurological structures, ligaments, fascia and excretory structures. Maximal modesty will be maintained for those that do require a pelvic examination.

Dr. Philip completed his doctoral research in the evaluation and treatment of pelvic pain from Texas Tech University, and lectures nationally. He is in the process of writing the definitive guide to the evaluation of pelvic pain. Those that have been treated elsewhere often remark at the efficiency and efficacy to which their particular pain is eliminated.

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