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What Our Clients Think of Us


What Clients Are Saying

“Over the years Dr. Philip has treated me, my husband and our teenage daughter. Dr. Philip provides our family with the very best of care. I have not met anyone in the medical field who is as knowledgeable, competent, professional and caring as he is. Dr. Philip is a brilliant PT for whom I have the utmost respect and absolute trust. I recommend him with complete confidence.”


"Our family has gone to Peter Philip for over 10 years and he is fabulous! Dr. Philip knows if the pain or injury can be alleviated through physical therapy or if we need to see a doctor. He knows exactly what to do to get us back competing in sports or just living life pain free. Our daughters go to Dr. Philip even when they are away at college because he is so much better than the physical therapists and doctors that their teams use. Peter always makes time to get his patients in quickly. ”


“Peter is hands down the best Physical Therapist I have ever been too and I feel lucky to have found him. He is highly intelligent and demanding but in a caring way.. He wants the best possible outcome for his patients and will push you hard to achieve the best result you can. There is no cheating during a PT session with Peter. He also varies the exercises each session which I feel helps you as the patient progress faster. I would highly recommend Peter to anyone who requires PT ”

Adam U

“One of, if not the best PTs around. I have been seeing Peter for the last 9 years for my various injuries (everything from back strains to broken ankles and torn ligaments), and I can confidently say that he has not failed me once. As a former D1 athlete, I have seen my fair share of trainers and PTs, and none of them compare to Peter. His insight is remarkable, and his ability to get you back to peak performance is second to none. He has my complete and total trust when it comes to rehab.”


“Peter is a rare professional who specializes in pelvic conditions. I suffered from incontinence after the birth of my first child. I was completely upset but I refused to give up. Lucky for me I found Peter, who empathized with my situation but also shared in my goals. His guidance with pelvic muscles not only cured my incontinence, but boosted my confidence in everyday life. My OB was amazed at what Peter was able to help me accomplish in 2 mo. time. I hope you have a similar success story."


“Peter is a Physical Therapy God!!!!”

Jan T

“"Fun" and Physical Therapy are seemingly mutually exclusive words, and yet the crew at PPT seem to ensure that each visit is as enjoyable and pleasant as it is healing.”


“About a year ago I had a slip and fall where I broke my coccyx- a little bone at the end of your spine. Sitting was intolerable. Moving my bowels, a nightmare. And as for intimacy... forget about it! I had given up hope. Been 'everywhere" and never gotten relief. Injections, medications... everything failed. Then I read about Dr. Philip, and talked to a friend that saw him for her bladder. I was skeptical, at first. He assured me that 'all will be well'. And you know what? He was right! I am well again.”


“I had suffered for many years with what is called "pelvic pain". I'd been treated for months in California where I felt "better" but still hurt, and I never felt "well". After consulting and being treated at PPT my pain has subsided significantly, less then 5% now :-), and I can exercise for the first time in years. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me my life back.”


“I have suffered from a rotator cuff injury as well as residual sciatica and hip pain from back fusion surgery. In a matter of weeks of working with Peter and his assistant I felt like a new person. Peter has a special gift. He is a true healer.”


“I ignored an injury for nearly four years before deciding to address it through physical therapy. Dr. Philip helped me repair my knee within a matter of weeks and now I am able to compete and exercise at the same level I had four years before. His style isn't for the faint of heart? he'll push you to your absolute limit. But each session you'll leave feeling stronger, more accomplished and in the long run it is completely worth it. Peter mixes intensity with humor and humility. I would highly recommend his service he'll push you to your absolute limit. But each session you'll leave feeling stronger, more accomplished and in the long run it is completely worth it. Peter mixes intensity with humor and humility. I would highly recommend his services.”


“I was suffering from TMJ initially and thought I would try a PT. Peter solved my TMJ problem and works on my neck which is tight and triggers migraine headaches. He has taught me how to stretch my neck which has been a life saver. When I had foot surgery Peter did the PT which ended up in a quicker recovery period. I have referred many friends and clients to Peter all of whom have had positive results. Peter has treated my 93 year old mother and ahe no longer uses a cane after a hip injury. He is the best!”


“There isn't a day that goes by when I don't think about what Dr. Philip & Co. have done for me. As it turned out, two years of physical therapy alone wasn't enough to reverse the effects of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and, after having a rib and three muscles removed from my neck, I was back at it... from Day One Dr. Philip has pushed me to work as hard as I am capable of, wherever that may be. And when it's too painful for me to keep going, he finds a way to fix the problem. Without Dr. Philip's direction, I believe I would not have found the physical strength I now possess, nor the motivation required to get me to such a place. From the bottom of my heart, I thank everyone at Philip Physical Therapy!”


“After 3 spinal injections for a bulging disc in my lower back, and after working unsuccessfully with a different PT in town, several friends recommended Philip PT. I couldn't be happier with the results! My strength is building and I am pain free. The joy and love I receive a couple of times a week from the caring and nurturing staff cannot be measured!”


“I have been living with back pain for over 2 years. Orthopedic doctors told me there was nothing wrong in x ray or MRI. Two years later I discover a hip issues never looked at by my orthopedic doctor. I could not imagine that PT would fix the pain I was learning to live with. 4 - 6 weeks later I am pleased to say the pain is gone most days. When it reoccurs I double up on the exercises I've been taught and within a day or two I am back to no pain. On occasion I need to go in for a quick check with Dr Philips and he can relieve my issue. I am totally impressed with his ability to identify the problem, get you to work through it, and fix it. Amazing.”


“Since I have come for physical therapy what seems for ages, I wanted to write and say how great an experience it has been regardless of the pain I endured. I have mentioned this facility to several people because I do believe that if you want results and are willing to do the work, you will get results!! Not only that, I've never left without a good chuckle. Peter has a great sense of humor!!”


“After an initial botched up arthroscopic surgery and subsequent knee cap replacement I was in so much pain and needed reassurance that one day I will feel better. I wish I had gone to Peter soon after my surgery. Instead I went to two other places before I found Philip Physical Therapy due to amazing referrals from friends and acquaintances I had asked around. Peter helped identify my needs and seemed so confident that I will eventually be better. He gave me the reassurance I needed and put me on a series of exercises that really worked. Mostly, he knew how to help me with the simplest of exercises to be executed diligently and turned my sense of despair into positivity that I will be O.K. I am so much better and in no pain. Thank you Peter.”


“I had a shoulder injury for a few months before I saw Dr. Philip. Within only a few weeks of seeing him and his fantastic assistant, I started to see results. Now my shoulder is stronger than ever. Any athlete of any level that has some sort or injury, go see Dr. Philip!!!”


“I went to Dr. Philip with my own reservations, like most do. I was not convinced that my injury was going to be fixed through physical therapy; however, Dr. Philip quickly proved me wrong. I am much stronger today than I was when I first met him and am thankful to be in far less pain than I was. I recommend him any chance I have. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


“I have used Dr Phillips for many injuries but when i tore my ACL, MCL and miniscus, he was my first call. I saw him for 4 weeks to get ready for the surgery and then for 3 months afterwards. I am proud to say that I was able to get back to karate (when most said i never would) and finally took my black belt test! But the most impressive thing to mention is that when i tell the doctors at ONS that my physical therapist is Dr Phillips, they all tell me he is by far the best Physical Therapist in the area and they wish all their patients could see him! He provides better results for their patients!”


“ I am writing a recommendation so that if you are reading this, wanting to gain confidence that Dr. Philip is not a shyster or a fake, you might call and make an appointment. My life has completely changed because of my work at his office, and I have only been going for one month so far. I was walking with a pronounced limp after years of --I didn't even know why -- compensating successfully with my other leg and the rest of my body. My left side had continued to grow weaker and weaker. I became a person who limped. Because I have had MS for 20 years (though "benign" and symptom-free) I presumed that my situation was unfixable. My life would simply be that of a limper. Some friends suggested that i get a cane. Well, after a friend whom Dr. Philip had helped insisted that I go, I did. Dr. Philip's manual manipulation of my vertebrae, combined with tailored core and leg exercises (I go 2x a week and it is extremely rigorous) has made it possible for me to walk smoothly again. My problem has been a vertebrae-pressing-on-the-nerve problem, which continues to ease as the deep tissue work continues. I can hardly believe it. This man, and Marianne are for real. They are kind, yet demanding. I think they know exactly what they're doing. Emotionally it is stunning to go from physical disability to strength and ease of movement again. I had not imagined that physical therapy could make the difference it has. I am inexpressibly grateful to Dr. Philip. ”